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Family in Need of Help

Stephanie Gordon-Kasperian started this conversation


My name is Stephanie.  I am 32 and have 3 children.  My husband has been layed off two months ago and has not been able to find a job.  Due to that fact, we are now having to move because we can not pay our rent, it is 2 months past due and the landlord will not work with us, even though it is right at christmas time.  We have no money to buy our children any presents for christmas either.  This is the saddest year we have ever experienced and now our children will also have to experience it as well.  I am hoping for a Christmas Miracle. 

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Hello,Im also looking for help for my family for christmas also,even to pay my bills.Im married with two girls 13 and 11 years old.My husband has been out of work since his accident Dec21 'st 2005.My husband was a good worker provider and he fall off a roof 20 feet and cant ever go back to work.He has alot of other medical problem that has come out since.This whole year has been very bad for us.My husband was the bread winner.As for me my job is seasonal Jan. until april 17 th.I have been lookng for other work and have work one job sine the income tax seansonal job.But,it didnt pay much i took about all my check to get to and from work.My kids they are spoiled and not use to me telling them no they cant go anywhere get anything they want and not going to have a christmas this year.We have appiled for SSI,that could take years...Every month we barely come up with money for the light bill alway a shut off notice .I have contated chuches they all say they are out of funding.If anyone knows where i can get help in Georgia please email me or post it here...thanks for read .I hgope you all are doing better then we are...crystal

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